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Digital Marketing Learning Paths

Digital Marketing Learning Paths

Nowadays, the internet has revolutionized a multitude of industries including marketing. Businesses have to take their online presence very seriously because customers are spending more and more time online. Writing eye-catching emails and having a well-made website...

Setting up Google Analytics Audiences

Setting up Google Analytics Audiences

Getting started Audiences can be found in the Properties section of your Google Analytics admin section. To get there, click on the gear icon (labelled Admin) in the lower left and in this new pop-over select the Account and then the Property for which you want to add...

The digital marketing jargon dictionary

The digital marketing jargon dictionary

Digital marketing is one of the most jargon-laden industries when it comes to this space. We love our TLAs (Thee Letter Acronyms), funnels and blast our stakeholders with data expecting them to just understand. This is by no means a comprehensive list, and will be...

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