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My goal is to bridge the gap between technology and marketing. My unique experience in design, development and technology puts me in a position to solve problems creatively. I’ve used this thinking to create start-ups, build my own business and now use it to drive the strategic direction of web and front-end at Rand Merchant Bank. I am always on the look out for new challenges and this is primarily driven by my need to know more. I also enjoy sharing this knowledge with my team and I often convey my thinking through my writing and public speaking. Purpose is important to me and I hope to use some of my personal purpose to drive change in your organisation.

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  • The only 4 SEO metrics that matter (at first) Posted in Analytics, SEO I often see new SEO practitioners ask questions about what they should be putting on their dashboards or reporting to their clients. The truth, however, is that there is no magic metric or standard. If you’re asking publically how to measure success for your clients then you likely don’t understand their objectives. With that said, […]
  • Adding multiple schema types to your website Posted in SEO A quick reminder on what schema is and why we need it Schema is a piece of structured data or code (i.e. something an algorithm can understand) that describes the content of a page, website, or piece of content. Schema is able to help Google understand the type of content by giving the schema what […]
  • Setting up redirects in Shopify for pages that exist Posted in eCommerce, Development, SEO Shopify is an exceptional piece of software for store owners looking for a simple eCommerce solution. It’s for the most part plug and play, and the themes generally offer extensive customisation options. There are however times when you need to implement something that sits outside of the bounds of what Shopify offers, and this can […]
  • Generating simple content for SEO using AI neural networks Posted in Content, Artificial Intelligence, Featured Article Writing content can suck sometimes, but advanced in AI and neural networks is changing the way we approach content.
  • Creating A Google Maps API Key (And Adding It To Divi) Posted in Featured Article, Development Today we’ll be looking at how to generate a Google Maps API key, which can then be used to add a map to your website. We’ll be installing this key on a Divi website, which is a theme builder, but you should be able to use any theme with an interactive map component. Up until […]
  • The growing AdWords negative keyword list Posted in Marketing Managing negative keywords in Google Ads can be annoying at times, and there are some keywords that you'll always want to include. Here's that list!
  • Setting up Google Analytics Audiences Posted in Analytics, Marketing Getting started Audiences can be found in the Properties section of your Google Analytics admin section. To get there, click on the gear icon (labelled Admin) in the lower left and in this new pop-over select the Account and then the Property for which you want to add these audiences. Next, select Audiences from the […]
  • The digital marketing jargon dictionary Posted in Marketing Digital marketing is one of the most jargon-laden industries when it comes to this space. We love our TLAs (Thee Letter Acronyms), funnels and blast our stakeholders with data expecting them to just understand. This is by no means a comprehensive list, and will be updated periodically. General RemarketingTarget users in digital advertising based on […]
  • Setting up Google Analytics with Tag Manager Posted in Analytics There are a couple of ways to report website performance, but I would argue that none are as powerful as Google Analytics. This is especially true when used in conjunction with Google Tag Manager and I would almost argue that it’s a non-negotiable. Tag Manager gives you much more scale-ability; and this is especially useful […]
  • Data-driven UX with Google Analytics Posted in Featured Article, External, Marketing, UX We’ve all heard that “data is gold”, and this is no different when it comes to user experience design.