Tips For Fast Content Generation

Posted by Vernon Joyce
August 16, 2022

Each website offers content to its audiences for them to continuously engage in your website. The main objectives of content creation are to; educate, engage, entertain, and inspire. Content creation plays an integral part in helping people discover your brand, business, and products. Therefore, posting content consistently and regularly will help you stay fresh in your potential client’s minds and guarantee traffic to your website. It’s important to have a content strategy that highlights; the type of content that will resonate with the target audience, the brand image you want to convey through the content, and the ideal way to deliver content to that target audience. So, what tips and tricks should you adhere to for fast content generation;

a) Know and define your brand

Creating brand tools like a style guide helps you greatly when you’re creating your content. Having a guide covers things like colour palettes, font, image standards, tone, and voice of your content. These guidelines will ensure that your content is relevant to your brand and anyone who views it can recognize it as yours.

b) Have a content format and determine the direction of your content

Content formats can be in different forms including; blogs, videos, podcasts, webinars, infographics, or white papers. When choosing the best format, evaluate how your customers prefer to consume content and how best to present your information. The creation process requires further research to fully understand your potential clients. Content topic ideas can be from trending topics, friends, competitors, colleagues, etc. Ask yourself whether it’s going to be humorous or informative type of content. Have the voice and tone of your content in mind before you start writing.

c) Know your audience

Ask yourself basic questions or statistics like age, education, interests, location, buying habits, etc. The answers to these questions will give you the foundation and help you avoid redundancy. Also, tailor your content specifically to the audience’s education, needs, and reading level. These points of alignment are informative and also building blocks for content creation that inspires trust and loyalty in your audience. Figuring out your audience will help you determine the channels that are right for your target customers and the types of content format to focus on. Remember to make content that fits who your audience is, where they are, and what they want to see.

d) Do thorough keyword research

Your target audience has problems, solutions, and questions that they are searching for. Doing thorough keyword research provides valuable insight into these and it’s also the first step to successful SEO. Having strong keyword research helps you know how to optimize your website so that it ranks higher and becomes more visible to searchers. Also, the higher you climb the SERPs, the higher awareness your brand gets. Keyword research gives you confidence and authority to speak about what’s important and also improves your writing skills.

e) Writing using AI tools

AI writing tools can help you speed up your content creation process. The tools will generate ideas, topics, and drafts in minutes which will help you create new content fast. However, AI writers are not subject-matter experts, therefore, they will simply quote facts and figures in their output text to fit the narrative.

f) Dig deeper with analytics

Your website’s native analytics, Google analytics, and social media analytics are one of the best ways to find out what your audience likes. Social media analytics can show what’s working and what’s not. Therefore, take time to study your top-performing posts then re-create and reinvent them.

g) Using the embed tweet feature

This feature allows you to add individual tweets and Twitter threads to your blog or website. By embedding your Tweet you encourage your readers to retweet or favourite it, which makes your content more interactive and engaging. The feature helps readers to follow you right from your article. Embedded tweets give more convincing content because you’re able to quote someone directly which builds trust. Also, you can cite a recognized expert in a very transparent way.

h) Use editing tools

After creating the content, it’s time for editing. Tools like Grammarly and QuillBot come in handy to find the more significant mistakes fast. The QuillBot tool is great for paraphrasing and summarizing any paragraph, sentence, or article. The tool enhances clarity and meaning to your content whether you’re looking for creativity, grammar corrections, or brevity. However, these tools aren’t perfect but they catch a lot of the easy stuff, which makes it significantly faster to get through.


After establishing your content creation process, you can generate content regularly that your audience finds valuable. Afterward, you should start the process of publishing content regularly on blogs and track how effectively your content is reaching its intended audience. Publishing and promoting your content creates awareness about your business, brand, product, or service. Lastly, remember that great content has the audience in mind and it’s tailored for them.

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