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  • An experiment in data, headless CMS and NextJs Posted in Development Diving into the vibrant world of aquariums, “Book of Neptune” is a fun side project that brings a fresh twist to fish keeping, blending tech savvy with the traditional joys of aquarium care. Far from just another app, it’s a playful companion for hobbyists, aiming to add a bit of digital flair to the underwater […]
  • Applying progressive enhancement strategies to content Posted in Content Can we offer our users a basic reading experience, exposing the information they need, and over time offer a richer experience?
  • Digital Marketing Learning Paths Posted in Career, Marketing Nowadays, the internet has revolutionized a multitude of industries including marketing. Businesses have to take their online presence very seriously because customers are spending more and more time online. Writing eye-catching emails and having a well-made website is not enough as you’ll need to understand the peculiarities of social media networks and know how to […]
  • Tips For Fast Content Generation Posted in Artificial Intelligence, Content Each website offers content to its audiences for them to continuously engage in your website. The main objectives of content creation are to; educate, engage, entertain, and inspire. Content creation plays an integral part in helping people discover your brand, business, and products. Therefore, posting content consistently and regularly will help you stay fresh in […]
  • What Are Google Web Vitals? Posted in SEO, UX, Web Google is a search engine that helps to match a user’s query with the best possible results. In the past, Google’s algorithm would find high-quality content that matched the search intent. It would also audit for safe browsing, basic experience signals, and mobile friendliness. Google web vitals is a set of user-focused metrics that are […]
  • WordPress Best Practices Posted in Web Any business looking to build a profitable online presence needs to have an excellent website. Today, a majority of websites on the internet are powered by WordPress. WordPress is well known for dominating the content management system (CMS) market, a platform that makes it possible to build some remarkable websites without coding being a barrier. […]
  • Which social media channels should I consider for my business? Posted in Small Business, Social Media Selecting the right social channels for your business can be a daunting task. This guide aims to help you make the right decision.
  • So, you have a website, what now? Posted in Small Business, Web Websites require constant maintenance and growth to continue meeting the demands of your audience.
  • How digital marketing is helping small businesses grow Posted in Marketing, Small Business Digital marketing doesn't have to be expensive and there's lots of opportunity to help your business grow.
  • How do you know that your website is actually working for you? Posted in Analytics, Small Business, Web Design How do you know that your website is actually working for you?